Lonely Summers

     Summers are never too far away in my mind, and as I sit upon this old porch I forever feel you in the inter-most depths of my soul. During each of my waking moments you fill my head. I hold onto the memories of the last time we were in each other’s arms; on a day like this, as an early Texas dawn crept into the clear morning sky.

     This morning, the lonely fragrance of my flowers bring memories of your perfume, the smell of the dew-dampened grass reminds me of the smell of your fresh washed hair. All these beautiful scents combine to shout; ‘She is never too far away as long as her memory remains.’

     I have kept telling myself that lie over and over again these many years; the lie that as long as you remain in my thoughts, you are never truly gone. But, time dims old memories; and sadly to say, tears never fully wash away old pain; there are no endless summers.

     Dreams are but will-o-wisps, and reality sometimes comes rushing in. You are far away from my caress in your safe world up there so far away; and I am captured here within the confines of my world. My heart continues breaking here on this old porch from which you fled, leaving me behind.

~ © 2002 – David L. Griffith ~
For My Special Lady

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