Hill Country

High Lonesome

          From time to time, a man’s life seems to become a strange thing. He finds himself perched up in the high lonesome; on the outside and looking in. The years have come and gone, life seems to have just passed him by… Where are his dreams, his laughter, the joys he once shared? Each day had been spent in toil, duty, doing all the things that had to be done. Each night had passed in quiet loneliness.

           The laughter is still there; but now hidden deep within, rusting away from disuse; the smile now buried behind his age leathered jaw. His dreams still contain all the old hopes and prayers; but the once lively sparkles are now hidden behind his crow-footed eyes. Time is not a gentle master, but time always wins… The old cowboy now sees his dreams lived in the life of youthful riders without him; his laughter and joy seems to echo only in his fading memories.

          But oh what memories God gave; life was a hoot! The smiles of pretty gals flashed thru his mind, the feel of dancing young girls in his arms. Some gals he caught, some got away; the sounds of the music, the beat of the band; the laughter of the crowd… The beauty of all Texas from the Panhandle to the Rio Grande… But as I sit here thinking, maybe this was why God built this place.

          So thank God for Texas and the life I’ve had here, if I had it to live over I wouldn’t change a thing.

~ © 2002/2010 – David L. Griffith ~
For My Special Lady

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