"Sea Of Love"© Danny Hahlbohm

Longings In The Lonely Night

     Alone, here in the darkness tonight once again, when all is still, and only the fragrance of your past presence lingers on my mind... I hear the gentle whispers of our passion echoing in the night, as the tears slowly flow from my eyes. I can not help but wonder, is it me, you, or is it fate that prevents us from being together here in this time and in this place?

     Although, in what seems like a life-time passed, I experienced a love who's dream of permanence died. Through the interveining years my need for belonging did not fade, I did not fall to the pits of anger. My life still wants the reason, purpose and dreams it experienced so very long ago. Now the very essence of my heart still aches for someone to which I can belong. Ribbons of tears flow to my crumpled pillow as I toss fitfully upon this empty bed, hidden away in this empty room, in my empty life.

     I have tossed and turned throughout the nights as my troubled mind followed footprints embedded upon the beach of my dreams. My heart seems doomed to forever search night's empty shadows. Searching for a lasting secure love, one which is lost somewhere within the mysteries of my loneliness and desire. My soul is constantly reaching, reaching, hoping, praying for someone special's hand. To again feel that special feeling of a life shared....

~ © 2001/2010 David L. Griffith ~

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