"Looking Back"

     Where once I took delight in an hour’s play; and years passed ever so slowly by, I now find time to be my enemy; the years are now speeding much to fast.

     So where I once jumped on my old Western Coaster; with my weekly quarter burning a hole in my pocket, and went to a Saturday Matinee; I now find myself playing “Do You Remember.”

     With time on my hands, and an inspection of my first childhood memories, I recall that right after the war automobiles came in only two colors, and Dad was upset because they cost $600.00. You had to have an adapter to snap into those new 45 rpm records so they would play on your phonograph.

     When school was out it was safe to roam the neighborhood so long as your mother knew where you were and got home for supper. Where is was once a slow paced world of “Big Chief Tablets” and wooden pencils, we have moved into a world where computers are the norm and pocket calculators complete the math homework.

     What ever happened to suicide cokes? Movies for a dime, a large popcorn and fountain coke then consumed the remaining fifteen cents.

     Please tell me why all the cowboys I remember so well are gone. Has it been that long? And why is it no longer safe for a boy to jump on his bike and go to a movie alone, climb trees, play in the park? My head spins with all the changes…

     As I sit here in this chair, more and more I find my mind wandering back. From under my mop of now gray hair my tired old eyes note the changes, changes but not necessarily progress in my mind.

© 2005/2010 David L. Griffith



© 2005/2010 Dave ~ PalletMaster ~

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