City Lights

The Lure of the City

          Here amongst my flowers, in the cool of the evening, is where peace abides; here in my world is where all the promises only a man’s love for his mate could fulfill; here where my arms await, it the place you should be…

          I look around me and see the open ranges of far west Texas, the forested hills of deep east Texas and the rolling plains of the Texas coastal regions and can not help but wonder how a beautiful woman would surrender to the lure of the city life back east…

           What is the siren’s call, what allure does the lights of the skyline contain that would make you want to remain within your world and reject the love and peace offered in mine? Was it the call of that far away city, or was it me? In some way was my love simply not enough to fill that part occupied by the lure of the city on your heart?

           But ours is a great and gracious God, and my prayers will always be that in His love for you He will care for you and meet all your needs… My love will remain forever.

~ © 2002/2010 – David L. Griffith ~
For My Special Lady

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