Nothing Like Mama’s Home

Dawn came early, but first light always found mama in the kitchen starting out the day. Bacon, ham, eggs and biscuits gravy and grits! Now that was a breakfast, and mama was the boss. We all had to wash up before coming to her table, and say our prayer before the first bite. But isn’t that what makes good memories… mamas, kids and God all in the same house?

Gosh how I loved the trips to the store, $25.00 and you could feed a family of six for a month. The smell of the dried goods, fresh meat cut to order, sugar, flour, beans, rice and coffee in bulk. Vegetable grew fresh in the garden, and every kid knew eggs come from chickens not from the store. Pops were a nickel, and a big sugar cookie a cent; help mama with chores and a boy could sure score…

Sundays were special around our house, mama didn’t send us to church; she bundled us up and we all went in a bunch. I remember the old hymns, with nothing but piano and organ; the sounds of the choir, the fire breathing old preachers… But most of all on this Mother’s Day, I miss mama and the way that it was.…

~ © 2003/2010 David L. Griffith ~
For My Special Lady

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