"Man Eater" © by Danny Hahlbohm and used with permission

She's A Man Eater

     Your memories prowl the recesses of my mind, devouring my soul, cowering my pride, controlling my hungers; when does the loving you stop? Sometimes I feel as if my head will burst with the wanting, the memories of our love is burned forever upon my heart. Do I want to be free of your control, will the time come when my worship of you fades? I tremble at just the thoughts of losing you...

     You prowl, hunting, seeking, conquering; your wonderful beauty much to be admired. My soul hangs on the visions of you, visions held so eagerly within my mind, but now you are no longer in my arms and I am left here alone in a vacant jungle among the haunting memories to try to just hang on to all those desires and dreams of a new world that I prayed it to be. The tears never stop flowing, my heart never ceases to ache now that you have blocked me out of your world...

     I imagine your presence in my nightly bed, I catch the remembered scent of you with every breath I take. There is never the time at any point in my days when my desires, my passion, lose their fatal focus on the sight of your smooth skin beside me, the feel of your wild demanding touch. I remember my caresses of you at our table, the excitement of your laughter throughout the day, and the beauty of your smile as we lay upon my bed...

     It is said that a man fears what can devour him, and he worships what he can't control! And this woman is the man-eater who prowls the darkness of my world...

~ 2001 - David L. Griffith ~

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