A Long And Lonely Life

     Now that I find myself approaching the fall of my life I look back and see the miles stretching in a long ribbon behind me. My once proud broad shoulders are now bent and weary from the heavy loads just living has brought my way. The memories are crisp, the happy moments strong but few; these make the loneliness of my present life so much harder to bear.

     The future looms thick in the longings of my mind for I sense the end is drawing near. You say my heart cries out too much in it's loneliness... But I cry only for the love I needed, yet wasted, not knowing it was so dear. The roads I've traveled on my journey thru life have often taken me far and away from my home in Texas. But I have never once found a true resting place for my heart, no one has ever given me a reason to stay.

     So I just kept on moving, sometimes slowly forward, sometimes in fast retreat, but always moving further into loneliness, heartache and pain. Always striving to find a place for me here where I could take root and find the peace my soul has always sought but never found. Surely now, at the close of life's journey, love will exist for me somewhere in this land.

~ © 2001 David Griffith ~

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