Missing You

It’s been twenty-one long years since she’s been gone, but I remember her like yesterday. But my old eyes often travel even further back in time.

The brothers and sisters in the yard; happy grandkids all around; family meals and mother’s lap are all located on those far away travels now. Dad’s quick happy-go-lucky smile; the honesty in his eyes, the coarse gruffness of his hugs, are all just memories now.

These are all portions of the love of a mother and father, a kind of love seldom seen in this new age. They were born, reared and died in Texas, married forever and buried side-by-side.

The only thing missing is ten kids to mourn them, for we too are almost all gone now. That’s all I ever wanted from you; just the love of a family, a lifetime together and buried side-by-side; but this new age is not the same as theirs.

For ours contain one-way streets, broken hearts and broken dreams. There is too much love freely offered with not enough love returned; this age has no room for poets or old broken cowboys.

So here I sit on this old porch… just missing you.

~ © 2003 - David L Griffith ~


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