Forever Never Lasts

     It is all a simple dream of our desires, for if forever really lasted, then I'd never have this shattered heart... We would have both kept our promise, and there would be a tomorrow. If forever really lasted, the loneliness would never come, and I would never cry in my empty bed.

     If forever really lasted, that door would have never closed and you'd still be in my arms each night... If forever really lasted, there would never be this soul wrenching pain, the dampness on my pillow would only follow after a gentle rain. But since I know it comes from the anguish of my broken heart, I ask myself why in the dark lonely night.

Although I say forever never last, I know all words spoken are not true. For deep within my soul I know that as long as I draw breath I will always love you.

~ © 2001 Dave Griffith ~

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