Summers That Never End

     As I sit here on the porch, looking out at a beautiful sunset over the cold waters of Sergeant’s Lake, I dream of summers which never end. My mind conjures up marvelous visions in rapid fashion like the changing scène in an old kaleidoscope.

     These visions draw pictures of travels through such wonders as fishing, trail rides, lazy cook-outs and skinny dipping with you. Out of the corner of my mind’s eye I see the creel of the fisherman, the heavily bowed rod with a hooked and fighting trout, and the laughter of the brook as it flows into the lake… I smell the perfume of wild flowers and conifers on the air. A perfect summer…

     God has created such wonderful things for mere mortals like us; beautiful sunsets, miles of untouched forest; black bear at play with their cubs; deer in the meadow, wild lilies growing on the pond bank. And the greatest gift of all, you for me and me for you, by God’s own design, a love that will live on forever even after life ends.

     Here our seasons change and summer must all too quickly be followed by fall. But with such a great and gracious God what wonders He provides here on earth must fade in comparison to heaven, for there summer truly never ends…

© 2002 ~ David L. Griffith

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"There is no cure for birth and death save to enjoy the interval."

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