The Next Wild Bunch
To this modern generation, growing up in West Texas a few years back looks hard.  But that is because our current "politically correct" generation would have no idea how much fun life was, back in the days when boys were allowed to be boys... building campfires (don't touch matches).... hunting (don't even draw a picture of a gun).... riding horses (stay away from those animals)....and getting dirty playing outside before television.
And what man is it from my generation who can't remember mumbly-peg, cowboy's & indians, skinny-dipping in a creek, or your first .22 cal. rifle to plink.
What a hoot life was in those days!  Can you imagine today's "modern" mother whose boy comes home with a busted lip, bloody nose and skinned knuckles?  But in those days if you had a problem with the boys in town you solved it with a trip out behind the barn; not letting a minor problem build until it was settled with a gun in a drive-by shooting.
Schools taught reading, writing, math, science and history.  By the time you were eight you knew all about the founders of our country, by twelve you knew how to salute the flag, pledge allegiance and how the President was elected.   But you also knew how to say your prayers, respect your elders, open doors for a lady, not to talk in Church, spit on the floor or come to the supper table without washing your hands.
It was not un-expected that you grew up wanting to be a regular family man just like your father, and grand-father before him.  You expected to marry and stay married until you were buried beside the woman you had loved and cared for all your years.  But it was not always true; for there were those times when you were a boy you dreamed of just being a "cowboy"..........

~ © 2003-2010 David L. Griffith ~
"This true tale is spun for you by the cowboy night writer!!!"

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