Alone In The Park

     I sit alone in the park, in this place we once sat, I am now once again back in my closed off world, looking out across a cold and lonely future, thinking of you in that big city so far away, and what "us" might have been.
I find myself dreaming of you every night, and all the things we could have done. Yet here I continue to sit, alone in the park. My heart, and mind, alone and waiting; praying, wishing, until once again I see you coming back into my world.

     I sit fearing deep within my heart, fearing that in some way I lost my chance the last time you were here. I tremble thinking that your heart no longer holds the old feelings towards this old country boy it once held; while inside my chest my heart is crying, and my emotions are spinning. Deep inside, my soul is dying, for here I sit knowing it isn't just a shallow crush I hold for you, my tears are flowing, because I care so much.

     Maybe I shouldn't have boldly spoken my feelings so openly to you, maybe things would be different and I wouldn't be involved in these tragic musing and my heart wouldn't be so afraid. But I did share the feelings of my heart, and I fear I have driven you away with my boldness. Now, once again here I sit alone, dreaming of our passion as I cry, it's become my usual day.

     I sit and rock back and forth on this bench, not fully coping with my lonely lot in life, wishing I could make some matching emotion start in your heart. Here I continue to sit praying, for a change in your mind. Here I sit knowing deep inside, of the love that we'd share, how it would continue growing. I haven't felt such strong emotions, in such a long time. It all comes so strangely again, these twisted feelings of mine. Tears are building in my eyes, yet I will hold them back, for only weak men cry, but in my loneliness, strength is something totally lacking. It is my loneliness that causes my heart to ache night after night.

     When you receive this message spoken on the wind, please don't feel pressured my love, just always be assured, that for you my feeling will not relent, I know you heart is now directed toward other ways, and my feelings; at this point, don't matter. But still I continue to stare blankly at the far horizons, my mind deep in thoughts of you. Nightly I spend my lonely hours in anxious memories, and each moment I continually grow sadder.

~ © 2000/2010 David L Griffith ~

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