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The Flames of Cowboy's Passion Build

     It is the late hours of the night, or early hours of the morning to some. I sit here, my soul is consumed by flames... Passion! Cold fires burn through my soul, consumes me, sets flames to the tender which has been safely hidden all these years. The flames are the love which you have brought with your tender caressing, your smiles of joy, your laughter.

     As the strains of the guitar soothes my spirit, your love rebuilds the fires in my mind. My thoughts race, passion grows, hunger builds.... Oh to hold you close, to feel the touch of your lips on mine again. To see your passion rise to meet mine, to melt into your love, become a part of your world. I strain to break the chains which have held me so long.

     My exile was complete, for it was by my own hand I withdrew, by my own actions were the walls erected. Not walls to hold me in, but rather, ramparts to block the world out. Safety! But safety surcomes to passion and, passion's flames melt away the ice from my frozen heart, warms my blood and rekindles the flames.

     Now I seek not my safety! My pursuit is for your passion. My life is in your hands. My soul flees it's safety to bathe in passion's flames, the walls are down, I am exposed, I am alive, I want...

~ Dave ~

Music for this page is "Appassionata" ~ BARRIOS MANGORÉ, Agustín (1885-1944), PARAGUAY

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