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Pathways In My Mind



I received a gift today

They really were a prize

I was walking through my memories

When, much to my surprise

I saw them in a reflection of my life

At first glance I thought "Weeds"

But I continued on the pathway in my mind

Just to see where it would lead

In among'st all the sand, grass, thorns

And rocks that nestled there

Hidden from the normal view of those outside my world

I gazed at these special memories with care

Four beautiful roses showed themselves to me

A very pleasing sight

The first one was so beautiful

Its petals were all white

Slightly behind and to the left

My gaze was being led





Another rose ... a different hue

This one was all red.

I spied another to the right

I was a lucky fellow

To see the beauty I beheld

Another ... this one yellow

A fourth one nestled right behind

The three ... but still peeked through

I looked at it with reverence

And noticed it was blue

I wondered "Should I pick them?"

"And bring them back to you?"

So you could see what I have seen

And know their beauty too

I decided not to pick them

As I looked at them today

These glorious sight of my memories

Would surely fade away

I thought of how to share these

In quite a different way

And so I bring this poem to you

Of what I saw today

The white rose is the pureness

Not of me ... but you

Your value picked could never match

Your pure beauty set free

The red rose is the love I felt

When I saw you for the first time

Or maybe t'was the anger

If I'd never had you in my life

The yellow rose was the caution

That's made you and I choose

To let our love live there in your world

Or here in mine

The blue rose was the sadness I felt

As you leave me behind here

"But 'tis okay" I thought aloud

For God will return you to these arms of mine

For here 'tis the one place you belong.

I pray you would sense the beauty that I saw today. Our love was heaven sent t'was not for us to disregard. The hope that this love meant as much to you as to me. And so I share with you today this hard reality. I have but one question, had you know me years ago would you have picked me for a friend? If so... then allow me to love you now with all my heart...

~ From the heart of a poet in love with life ~ David L Griffith ~ 2001

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~ © 2001-2004-2010 Dave Griffith ~

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