The Power Of Passion

     The power of my passion mounts whenever my mind conjures your image... my soul lusts for your beauty... my eyes strain to regain their sight of you deep within the visions of my heart! You are the first woman who has broken through all the barriers and entered my soul. There have been others that occupied the outer walls of my mind, but you penetrated the final barriers. You have become a part of me, my completion, the beginning and end of my life's love.

     I lie upon my lonely bed at night and breathe deeply, my nostrils seeking your scent, my arms longing for the feel of your warm flesh upon my chest. My hands tremble in desire to caress your firm breast, to slide over your stomach, and to touch the fires of your velvet thighs. My heart cries out in pain, it cries because you, my love are not here. My bed is empty night after night. My soul almost expires...

     You will never understand the power you hold over me. The sound of your voice, the joy in your laugh calls out to me in my dreams. My nightly visions give me the courage and strength to continue on in my pain. If you were to suddenly materilize in my world you would only have but to say the word and I would swim the fires of hell to be by your side forever! My home awaits you every day, my bed longs for you every night. Come to me my love; come out of my dream world, or allow me to come to you!

     As you go to your empty bed in the nether rhelm tonight, think of my arms around you, my hands on your soft, smooth, yielding flesh. Feel my work roughed hands gently caressing your breast, my lips upon yours, and then remember the power of our love. As you rise in the morning remember; and as you go through the day remember my love for you, remember my passions, remember my desires. Always remember you are the focus of my soul! You are the center of my universe, the desires of my heart.

~ © 2000/2010 – David L. Griffith ~

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"Once I realized my wishes were never coming true I traded them in for dreams."

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