Top of the Rockies

     It had been a hard and eventful climb over the past few days, but finally the old cowboy found himself above the timberline at the top of the Rockies and a looking for a way down. On the trip up old dog had collect a couple of new friends, it seemed a couple of half dog/half wolf bitches had been hanging around that last ghost town in the timber below. Finding a new alpha male and new human companionship, they decided to travel on a ways.

     If a man could not find God in this high country, God was nowhere to be found. Rocks, snow and clear sky as far as the eye could see. It was good it was full summer, for even now pockets of snow showed at these heights. The vast emptiness and the shear power of the mountains were good for the old cowboy’s soul. Not much chance at all for him to be bothered by unwanted contact with his fellow man.

     It was a chance for the cowboy to not only reflect on the travels up from Texas, to Dakota and beyond, but a chance to think of what lay ahead on this trail he had now chosen to follow. In the loneliness of these mountains he seemed closer to his vision of his lost love than ever before. Here he envisioned the completion of his task; he saw her back in his arms once more.

     As he saddled to ride, old cowboy’s thoughts turned to the new members of his parade. Well he knew their loneliness, the empty feelings that came when the people and the pack had left you behind. So if old dog was willing, he would just let them travel along. At least until he got down to a town, where they could find new company and new masters to fill out their days...

© 2003/2010 ~ David L. Griffith

Mail To The Cowboy


"Once I realized my wishes were never coming true I traded them in for dreams."

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