Time Made Him Weep

     Hunkered down next to the fire, the old cowboy allowed his mind to wander, his thoughts searching for her, she was the object of his quest... He wept as his tired eyes saw her so far away in his vision; all he ever wanted was to hold her in his arms, arms now empty for these many years.

     By stretching out with his mind it seemed he could almost draw her to him, could envision the beauty in her eyes, the love in her heart... Time had not been a friend. It was so hard, distance so great, but his love somehow remained strong. And he hung on to the though that our gracious God says where He offers will, He in His goodness will provide a way!

     Sensing his turmoil, his old dog let out a disturbed sigh for his master's quiet lament. But in the old cowboy's mind he was resigned; "now I must wait yet a while, rest my worn and weary body; for the time will come when she will rest her head against my chest and listen to the steady beat of love for her in my heart."

~ © 2004/2010 David L. Griffith ~


"There is no cure for birth and death save to enjoy the interval."

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