Going Back

     As the cold winds of fall blend into the fast approach of winter in our lives we each begin a final journey. A quest, a search for the things we once held and let slip away. The lonely darkness of evening brings the memories when we once dwelled within our dreams.

     Dreams we had held dear gave way to reality, sometimes to desire, or even to expediency; no matter what rhyme or reason, we each turned aside in our hot pursuit of youth and life. Now the dark road seems endless, our quest unattainable. Time, like the dark mountains, has pulled us away.

     With children grown, family gone and friends fading fast we search for that magical path back to the dreams we once had. Each passing year has made the mountain higher, the forest dense, the streams cold and un-crossable. But in our minds we turn, and the journey begins. To try one last time to capture youth.

     All the things we cast away on our outward journey now seem so vitally important again. Now we are going back; going back to just our memories. We struggle to find importance again, where are the ones who needed us; are we no longer needed? Where are the ones who loved us; are we no longer loveable?

     The laughs, the smiles, the dreams, the dance............... gone now into the far mountains of time, and with them went the love we wanted so badly. For now we are on that final journey in our lives; going back.

~ © 2004/2010 David L. Griffith ~

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"There is no cure for birth and death save to enjoy the interval."

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