Passion's Raging Storm

     As passion's storm rages in the empty night will the fitful dreams of lost love just continue to slowly, painfully, tormentedly drift by? One by one the tears begin to flow from the wreckage of our failed love. My dedication discounted, your lies spoken without the slightest of hesitation; doomed from the time your mind was set and you opened pain's door.

     My lonely heart cries out to you again; calling over and over, "please don't leave." Passion's pleas are trying to reach through the tragic empty darkness of the night. How long shall passion cry... Will these heartfelt words find their destination or simply slowly float away in the storm's wreckage from the slamming of that final door? As the darkness starts to fade and dawn's raggedy light flows thru my lonely sleepless room I can but ask, will the light of one more day wash out all the pain?

     Somewhere among the peaceful twinkling stars with the moon's glow up above lies are not spoken, nor hearts broken, but here in passion's raging storm I only hear the echos of the slamming of that door....

~ Dave ~

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