Rainbow After The Storm

I sit here on this old porch and watch off towards the horizon. For after these summer storms God always gives us the beauty of the rainbow… Is this beautiful visual delight God’s gift to replace the drenching terror of the storm?

But as I gaze at that far horizon, my mind recalls the visions of you vanishing over the same paths as the storm. The memory of the sound of the slamming door replaces the sounds of the thunder. The steady, hot, and ceaseless trails of my tears down my cheek replace the once gentle falling rain. Again the beauty of this rainbow is lost in the turmoil of my soul.

The flash of color in my now rain drenched flowers has been replaced by the sudden flash of the color of anger in my tormented mind at your going. My body shakes with sobs as I realize this is real life; but somewhere a gracious god would have a rainbow for the soul. How long can a simple old man endure with such a large part of his heart torn out?

So more and more I find my days are consumed in wishes; wishes that someday I will see you on that horizon, returned to my world, or through God’s grace I am carried away over the far horizon to the place where you dwell.

~ © 2002/2010 – David L. Griffith ~
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