Born Out of Time

The smell of dust hung heavy in the morning air as the cowboy set out once again to chase his dreams. In his mind’s eyes he could once again see the wild bunch run. The thunderous sounds of their flashing hooves, although now just a memory, so alive in his ancient visions...

Riding for the brand, lonely line shacks, trail-herding to the railhead. The smell of the daily sweat of his hardworking mare, the feeling of the saddle under him, all just fading memories from a time long passed. For the old cowboy truly was a man born out of his time.

He had no time for love and family when he was young, and now as the years had advanced he found life had passed him by. Now the ancient cowboy was, like all old men, just a dreamer. Living in what was, not quite able to fit in with what is.

Like the wild mustangs once running free, the cowboy had once roamed across the western mountains. He had lived a full and robust life, but born a hundred year out of time, he is now doomed to live on only in his dreams. Sitting here on the porch; with only the years ahead in a nursing home facing him, a tear slowly courses down his once rugged face, alive only in his dreams.

© 2004-2010 by David L. Griffith

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"Once I realized my wishes were never coming true I traded them in for dreams."

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