A Reflection in the Heart

     It seemed they were destined to be near each other only momentarily in the grand scope of time. Life had them going in opposite directions, the distance between them increased slowly over the years. They tried to carry on a conversation even after love began to fade, but they were too far apart to truly communicate…

     Solomon said, "Just as water reflects a person's image, so the feelings of one person toward another are a reflection of the latter's feelings for him". But, when one loves intensely, why is their love not returned equally as intense?

     Solomon refers to a reflection in water, not in a mirror, and there is a great difference. A mirror will reflect an image from a distance, but water will reflect an image only if one is close to it. Had they but drawn themselves closer to love, their love for each other would have increased...

There sometimes is too great a distance between lovers, feelings become inconsistent and love slowly dies...

~ © 2003/2010 – David L. Griffith ~
For My Special Lady

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