Reflections of a Cowboy

You know Fred; more and more I find myself spending times in the past. Guess that is the curse of the cowboy in this modern life, we sit here on the porch and conjugate while the whole world around us speeds by ever faster...

It seems like yesterday when I sat there on that old red horse and watch the Lady as she rode away. God love-it-man, you boys told me I had set my sights too high… but you know you can’t tell a cowboy a blamed thing. All through my lifetime seems a cowboy eyes were always set on a faster hoss, another beautiful woman and a stronger pick-up truck.

And now as I draw closer to the end of the race, I would gladly do it all over; but at a slower pace. If I had another chance, I think that Lady would have come to the dance. I must have spent a score and ten just dreaming about what might have been… some sweet dreams there Fred, me and the Lady with nary to dread; just snuggled up close when the winter wind blew in.

But push come to shove, my biggest regret is that she never even brought my pony back...

~ © 2003-2010 David L. Griffith ~

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