River of Dreams

     The Blackstone brings such sweet dreams, the old mill, the picnics, strolling arm-in-arm and simply soaking up each others presence. The dreams of life focus for an all too brief moment on visions of you. Delicious dreams of Newport, Warwick, Providence, Woonsocket, and you, dance through my mind here on this porch each night.

     To be with you now, once again enjoying roaming the comfortable countryside; touring like tourist; attractions like Beechwood Mansion, Belcourt Castle, and Blithewold arboretum in Bristol. Oh if God would only allow me to again listen to the classical music of Mozart, and feel your presence by my side at an evening concert. To seep in you scent, to feel your flesh against mine once more.

     Oh for youth once again! For the strength and vigor that once flowed through my veins; oh for the courage to come and carry you away into my dreams, for you and I to dwell there all the coming days of our lives. To once again experience the pride of being seen publicly accompanying your beauty; the gentleness of your soul; the joy of your smile. Your acceptance of even this old cowboy in all his rough country ways gives me eternal hope for satisfying my love for you.

     As again the lonely night claims my soul I drift back into the realism of what is from the dreams of what was and should be… But a good and gracious God works in us both the will and the way; so night after lonely night, my faith rests in Him and that I will have you in my arms once again.

© 2002 ~ David L. Griffith

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~ © 2002/2010 David L. Griffith ~

"There is no cure for birth and death save to enjoy the interval."

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