Hill Country

The River Road

          Like the bent and twisted cedar, more and more I find myself perched on this lofty crag, watching down the old river road… Watching, waiting and praying… Praying that God will in some way guide you back up the road you went down, as you left that final time.

          My only solace is the wind, crying thru the knurled old tree; the calling of the wild turkey in the brush along the creek below; the beauty of this Texas land burned so deep in my soul. It is almost as if God, seeing the emptiness of my life, with you no longer in it, reached out and created the beauty of the Hill Country in hope of quenching the pain in a cowboys’ broken heart.

          Year after year I tell myself, "if I can just last thru one more winter you will return." When spring finally arrives; without you here, God provides the bluebonnets and paint brush to rest my wearied eyes. But even the dogs have begun to stay close, feeling my sadness. I busy myself in work, the branding and cutting of the calves, mending fence, just filling time trying to stay away from this perch, and that damn empty road…

          Year after year I find myself turning more and more like this dried and dead old cedar. The hot Texas sun, the drought, the hard rocky ground finally won the war against the tree; and loneliness seems to be doing the same with me...

~ © 2002/2010 – David L. Griffith ~
For My Special Lady

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