The Majestic Mountains

Wakan Tanka the Great Spirit has chosen to live within these majestic mountains from the time of the ancient peoples. Each year during the time of the Snowgoose he who shows his tenderness to our peoples has shed his tear drops in the rains of spring. Grandfather also shows his anger in the raging rivers where the white man has ripped open the very heart of mother earth. But even in his anger he still brings forth the innocence of all new born creatures each spring to replenish our lands for the children of the people. And during the hot and fiery sun of summer he still sends the cooling winds.

Great Spirit give us ears to hear your words in those winds and feel your presence in the rains, give the people eyes to see all of your glory in these majestic northern mountain lands, make our tongues sing praises to you as we sit in the wacipi or dance the ya’bashi or share your stories in the okka anompa. In the sweat lodges prepare our hearts to know your grace and mercy for our peoples 'Oh Grandfather. Help the turtle clan to walk in your ways all the days of our lives.


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Mail To The Cowboy


"Once I realized my wishes were never coming true I traded them in for dreams."

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