Life's Just A Rodeo

     I sit here on this porch and my heart is trembling, should I try one more ride on that old bull called love? Will I just be taking a chance on another broken heart? The excitement of life's rodeo is so addictive! Would I be opening myself up again to all the pain a fall from love brings once again?

     Will allowing myself to mount up and try one more ride make a change in this lonely life of mine? One that could somehow be an answer to all the prayers that have been hidden deep in my soul? I've kept this loneliness hidden for much longer than I would ever care to admit even to myself.

     But if I open that gate one more time will she really be there in the grandstands to catch me if I take a spill. And if she's not, then who's there to pick me up, or will I only find myself flat on the ground with a boot full of lies and a shattered heart once again... Dare I again depend on that old clown of laughter behind my tears?

~ © 2001~2010 Dave Griffith ~

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