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Drowning In The Seas Of Passion

My dearest darling,

     I sit here at my desk alone in the late hours of the night, thinking about you as I seem to do every night. I'm trying so hard to concentrate on my writing, but fantasies of you are flashing intricate remembered details upon my thoughts, holding my mindset at bay.

     My passions rise as I imagine how great it would be if you were here with me at this moment! I almost drown in the torridness of my ecstasy as my thoughts race back to the last time you were in my arms. I can feel the smooth firmness of your body pressed against mine. I am caught up in the fires of my passions, raptured by a flood of my memories; memories of the sight of your body next to mine! Memory only serves to strengthen the savored taste and heat of our love.

     My soul can not help but moan deep within me; as I remember the feel of your kisses on my throat, and the gentle caresses of your fingers through the hairs on my chest. Haunting melodies of love fill my ears and I'm enchanted by the spell you cast on my eyes with your beauty.

     My memories cry out so strong! I can still hear your sighs, and the rapid beatings of your heart, as I reflect back to the time I lay next to you with my head against your breast. I become totally ignited in the flames of my adoration of you as in my memories, so vivid and hot, we once again become forever one.

     My mind is lost in it's confusion as it is at once; drowning in this sea of ecstasy; and yet burning in the flames of my passions. I am your slave, your memory has once again become the victor in this battle for control of my mind.

     I willingly surrender, and I gladly am forever your lover and the life-mate for your soul. For truly you are God's gift to complete my lonely life.

With all my love forever,

~ Dave ~

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