Shattered Dreams

     In the depth of my pain I'm all out of words, and I'm tired of wishing. I'll no longer count the shooting stars above, or count the petals on a flower with those famous words 'she loves me, she loves me not.'

     I try to keep my pain to myself, trying to hang on to my dignity. Praying no one else will ever know how I allowed you to break my heart. I live life each day the best I can, trying to enjoy my old friends. But each day ends and I must go to that empty bed.

     You have left me with a life without love and that is not what I'd choose, but I had no choice with the slamming of the door. I didn't want to lose, but lose I did. No one will know the damage you have done, how hard I've tried to be a man, or all those lonely nights I've tossed upon my pillow and cried myself to sleep.

     You are finished with our love, or so it now seems. You say there's nothing left now, but that's a lie you can tell yourself, for strewn behind you as you left is all my shattered dreams.

~ © 2001 Dave Griffith ~

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