Painting by Mike Mahon

Skinny Dipping

Gosh gal, another hard day's riding and lost in thought I was surprised to find myself over here in the East pasture by the creek. Soon as the mare smelled the water she took on renewed life, and old dog just ran ahead. It has been years since I was at this old swimming hole.

As I took a break, laid back under the cotton woods, watching the crazy patterns of the clouds rolling in the late afternoon sky my mind began it’s foolish quest through my old memories again. Just as dog can’t help chasing those rabbits, I can’t seem to help thinking of all the good years we had.

At times like these the tears seem to cloud my vision and yet I so vividly see things not here, but real, buried deep within my soul. I seem to be able to just reach out and touch your vibrant body as we stood there in the shallow waters, devouring each other with our eyes, loving each other with our minds.

Then that damn dog went to barking and my mind came crashing back to reality and I was alone, it was just a memory, a vision of what I wanted not what my life has become. I wonder if you ever think back on those hot days of summer and skinny-dipping in that hidden old creek….

~ by Dave Griffith ~

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Copyrighted © 2010 David Griffith

"There is no cure for birth and death save to enjoy the interval."

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