The Day I Lost My Smile

     My smile left with you as you walked out the door. With that hollow slamming sound my world came crashing down. By just being here you had rekindled all those tender feelings. You made me come alive for that brief season, because I vainly thought you cared. You knew the words to say; but now I know they never really carried true meanings. You just always seem to know that in my loneliness I was vulnerable, you knew just the right things to do to break my heart anew...

      I feel so terribly unlucky now... Not because you and I have met. Unlike you, the pain will be a long time leaving, for you're the one I can't forget. If there was a way, I could make you see, I'd pour out my soul to you and you would be able to understand within you heart all you mean to me!

     You brought back my smile for a brief summer, and rekindled old forgotten feeling as you fingers strummed my heart strings. I felt loved once more when you were around! But that slamming door, the starting of the car, rings forever in my heart as you took my smile away.

~ © 2001 Dave Griffith ~

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