Sitting here on this old porch, I am now forced to just watch; as the snows of winter are driven by the whirling winds, life must reach its ultimate destiny. The brilliant colors have all fled before winter’s onslaught; the newborn has grown and left the nest. Love doesn’t live here anymore.

     What began in dreams; as seen by the gleeful eyes of a child, has slowly wound its way through the years. Oh; those fun filled years, the laughter and play. Red Rover, Red Rover, let Johnny come over… I spy, mumbly peg, cowboys, cops & robbers… And they all fall down! Where did all the laughter go? It was just here only a moment ago…

     She was so pretty, sitting there just three rows up… "Here Frances pass this note to Barbara; don’t let the teacher catch you!" The sock hops, first kiss… Burgers and fries with a tall coke or thick malt… The dares, "my car is faster than yours… I can run faster… She will date me first"… Then came love; followed by marriage, and the rearing of children. It was to last forever… Where did the love go? It was just here only a moment ago…

     Now winter has followed in its rightful course, the cold winds bring the aches and pains of age. I sit here alone and look back over my life, carefully taking each precious memory from its hidden box, wondering where it all went… They were here just a moment ago… but now they seem to have all gone up in smoke…

~ © 2003-2010 David L. Griffith ~
For My Special Lady

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