Photograph "Life's A Cold Road" © 2000 Dave Cooper

Does Missing You Ever Stop?

     Sometimes I sit here on this lonely porch and feel as if your memory is carved eternally into my very soul. I feel I will never be free of your constant presence in my thoughts; or of all my dreams that did not come true. Something deep inside of me burns in such strong desire that I feel that, like an acid, it eats away at my mind...

     Does the pain of your leaving ever finally go away? It seems my reflections of you are my constant companion now that you are no longer in my arms; I am left here alone in the darkness, trying to just hang on to all the memories of what used to be. It's a frightening feeling that one cannot easily put into words, but displays it's self with expressions of my tender wounded emotions...

     When does my tears stop flowing? When will my eyes re-open to all the beauty there once was in this world before the day I looked out and you were no longer a part of my world. Does this missing you represent a eternally unsatiable hunger or an emptiness from which there is no recovery?

     Does my mind ever let go of you? You consume my every waking hour; and there is no part of "time" remaining without me just wanting and wishing for you here with me. Restless dreams awaken me in the silence of my lonely nights to remind me that no matter what my desires are I am alone. Deep inside me, my soul cries out and tells me that without your love I am slowly dying day by day...

     Does the missing you ever stop? Perhaps it never will, because once someone gets into your soul they live there forever. Seems the pain continues thru the empty hours forever. This pain haunts me here in this once safe world and leaves me alone, empty, and without hope...

~ © 2001 Dave Griffith ~

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