In The Midst Of The Storm

My dearest darling,

     Last night after dark, I stepped out on the old front porch and looked up at the approaching storm clouds. This time of year it was strange to see such a violent lightening storm. As I sat in that old porch swing I found myself thinking, no hoping, that it was fair spring weather over your home right now, no clouds to block your view. My thoughts were of you, and I was so deeply sad at how far away you are.

     My soul pondered the heavens, deep in thought, wondering what you might have been doing at that moment so far away, visiting with your mom, or at your apartment, having a late snack, cleaning house maybe. I continued to sit there watching the storm rage for hours. Thinking how far we were apart in distance, but how close we have become in our hearts, and how important we are to each other. I felt a little wave of loneliness as I faced the flashing violent sky. Knowing you were there and not in my arms. I wondered if at that very moment you were feeling these same emotions, and having the same lonely thoughts as you were facing the western sky.

     While these thoughts were coursing through my troubled heart, I saw a very bright flash of rolling lightening streak across the sky from the west to the east at great speed. It crossed in front of the barely visable skyline of Fort Worth, and as it did, I made a fervent wish.

     My wish was not a selfish one my darling, wishing for us to be together, although I long for that so much! My wish was not to have you in my arms, although that's where I most want you to be! My wish was not for you to love me forever, though I hope our shared love never ends! My wish was not sensual or racy, although both with you would be heavenly and are on my mind both night and day.

     My simple wish last night in the storm; was for you to always be happy and live a long, healthy, loving, and fulfilled life time. I made this wish from deep within my soul, in the lonely violence of the storm. And I and sent it up into the raging storm sky on the wings of my love, sealed with my lonely tears.

~ Dave ~

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