In The Eye of The Storm

     As he drifted thru life, calling himself “foot-loose and fancy free,” the old cowboy followed the path of least resistance. Like many a man before him, once he slipped his anchors in life, he became a simple rover. Always drifting, never really able to escape from the past turmoil in his life he restlessly continued on.

     She was never far from him; a dream here, a vision there, his focus, never quite out of mind. She was his long dead mother, his long missing lover, his dreams, his desires, all rolled up in one mass of emotional confusion. For God made us in pairs, and fate spread us apart, and it is the fate of the cowboy to always seek the love which was lost. Even a man as strong and leather tuff as the old cowboy was nothing without the anchors in his life.

     He had found that man is not a complete being; God had seen fit to take from the dirt and build this thing called man; but His construction not finished, He took of the man and fashioned his matching half. Our lot is life is to find the missing part, to joint the finished creation God intended. Until that time, the old cowboy remains just a lonely old man always adrift in the eye of the storm.

© 2004/2010 ~ David L. Griffith

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"Once I realized my wishes were never coming true I traded them in for dreams."

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