The Storms Of Loneliness

These violent summer storms can't wash away all of my tears. Their flashing lightening can't erase all my pain. My now empty bed can't shelter me from these storms, and all my wishes can't shield my heart from the driving rain.

Each night I cry for the loneliness of missing you, my tears only strengthen my desires for your once gentle touch. My constant prayer is for you to let me hold you once again within my gentle arms with that special smile I once saw upon your face.

I will ask you no questions, should you return to me now. I only beg you to open up your heart and feel that warmth we once had, just tell me once more that we'll never be apart. I have hit rock bottom, and there seems to be no way out, for that's what love's all about.

My need for you is stronger than ever, time and distance hasn't taken it away... Just knowing how much you loved me once is all that brightens up these dark days!

~ Copyrighted © 2001 David Griffith ~

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