Life Without Strings

     The cowboy and the lady said there would be no strings attached; they had promised each other from the very start. If time passed and they parted, there would be nothing to torture their souls; nothing to confine their hearts.

     They would simply be free spirits and the cowboy could ride away. The lady would not let love get in the way. They were only sharing what they wanted to; in this game they intended to play.

     As the years passed so quickly they kept saying emotions would never control them, in this relationship they conceived. Each pretending in their own hearts and minds, they didn't need each other, was something they both had believed.

     They were living life without would strings attached; so that if they ever decided to part, they'd simply walk away. But life comes with no guarantee to leave them untouched, if they cut the strings from their joined hearts.

~ Copyright © 2003/2010 – David L. Griffith ~
For My Special Lady

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