The Day We Met

(Face To Face)

     My passion races as I hear the laughter in my heart because it is time! I awoke feeling the day beginning and my mind made a wild leap! I call her "Angel" but she might as well be named sun for she brightens my days. Words, face to face, today for the first time we will embrace and speak... My heart is beating, no, pounding, my blood racing through my ears, did I unlock the door?

     It all stated so long ago with "Welcome! You've got mail!" I could not see or touch her, but she had touched me. Like unspoken words... Like the setting of the sun... My heart reached out seeking, looking for a safe harbor and a soul to love. In my loneliness I mused "What is life about?" My answer always came, "To love and to be loved back," that was our purpose on earth.

     Morning sun shines bright, today is the day of her arrival! My joy builds in anticipation as true love once again starts the dawning day. How wondrous is the day. How glorious is the sunrise. Loneliness is finally at bay, our love took it away. For love is as gentle as a rose, and can conquer anything. Arise, my sunshine still another day to greet for now life awaits us.

~ 2000 Dave Griffith ~
"This page is written for you on the pallet of my heart!!!"



2000/2001/2010 Dave ~ The PalletMaster ‘

"There is no cure for birth and death save to enjoy the interval."