Of a Vietnam Combat Nurse

1989 by Barbara (Hafner) Rounds ... Army Nurse

As I sat there beside him, holding his hand
I knew he was dying And he knew it too...
And I cried

I looked at his eyes and I thought of his Mother,
I looked at his hands and I thought of his Father...
And I cried

I thought of his wife as he took his last breath,
And I thought of his kids as he slipped into death...
And I cried

The tears in my eyes came from my heart,
And the pain that I felt left a deep, lasting mark
Even today, after so many years,
I close my eyes and I feel the tears
I feel the pain of freedom's fight,
And I numb myself to avoid the fright...
And I cry

So many brave warriors, both women and men,
Have answered when called and would do so again
I think of the children, the youth of today
And the battles to come in lands far away
Of the death and destruction that freedom demands
Of the courage and fear that goes hand in hand
Of the pain and the fright and the joy and the pride
And it all does make sense...
Somewhere ...deep down inside
Still ...I numb myself
And I cry

Army Nurse Corps officers served with distinction in Vietnam. Nine officers, including seven women, died there, one as a result of hostile fire. 1LT Sharon Lane, died of shrapnel wounds during a rocket attack on 8 June 69, while on duty at the 312th Evac Hospital in Chu Lai. The Army decorated hundreds of nurses for bravery and distinguished service.

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