Sometimes I'm Just Too Tired

     Sometimes my soul feels just too tired to go on trying to find a lasting love. As I look back over the waste lands of my life I wonder how one old cowboy could have taken all that pain. As I struggle to see some joy in all the past sunrises and sunsets, your memory always interveins. The missing you is so strong that going on seems just a dream. A river of tears exposes all that I tried so hard to hide, plainly the world can see how I am dying inside.

     Sometimes the pain of old memories blocks out all the joy. Each day I only shake my head and ask, is it worth going on? Or should I just giving up on that quest for true love. Is there room left in this world for a slow and gentle wanderer amid all these folks who seem to be rushing ahead in a hurry with no idea of where they want to go.... sometimes I am just too tired, and that is when my once savored memories of what we once had confounds me the most.

     Surely, somewhere old-fashiond love still awaits... but it seems to be stored away, never to be seen in this fast paced new world in these convoluted times. I have long sat here on this porch, hidden from others, telling myself the big lie, that I am just waiting until the right love comes along. These thoughts run freely through my mind in these times of lonely solitude; and they once again challenge my soul to just let your memory fade, so I can love again.

~ © 2001/2010 David L Griffith ~

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"There is no cure for birth and death save to enjoy the interval."

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