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A Tribute To Our Lost Americans

We have been bloodied, we have seen what we are fighting against and know what we are fighting for. The journalist, talking heads, radio jocks, college students, or peace activists all have those freedoms because of the old warriors who paid the price. Ecclesiastes said it best, there is a time for peace and there is a time for war. And the defense of freedom, our domestic tranquility, and our way of life here in America is worthy of this fight.

Reviewing the rubble in Manhattan & Washington; checking the mail with a panic beating in our chest. But we will stand! We will not run, we will fight back. Have you really thought about the alternative to this war? Do you want to live in a world where the Taliban rules everything? We pride ourselves on freedom of religion, which stretches to both freedom to worship in any manner we choose as well as to separation of church and state. But under the Taliban's radical form of government the "church" is the state, teaching of Christianity, or any other religion or atheism is a death penalty.

So if we choose to not fight this war against terrorism we must say goodbye to freedom of religion; goodbye to freedom of speech; goodbye to education of women; goodbye to women's rights ...... you fill in the blanks. Since September 11, 2001 "Fortress America" no longer exists, we can not close our borders and hide behind our oceans and expect terror to stay out. For the first time since 1814 a foreign attack upon our country has taken place and our world will never be the same again.

Altough we mourn the loss of 6,000, this war is much larger, for us to lose hope, to flee the battle, to grow faint and quit would be the death of the greatest hope of all free peoples around the globe! So it is "God Bless America" and on to victory once again...

~ Copyrighted © 2001 David Griffith ~

Please pray for our Country, our troops and our president.

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