Under The Sun

     The sun was blazing down on that old dog as he watched the cowboy climb down from that mustang mare. This sure was no time to tangle with the cowboy, from what the dog had seen that sure had been one rough ride. To the old dog it seemed that his master was seeking pain, suffering just for the pleasure of it.

     Things just hadn’t been going right since the last time the cowboy had tried to talk that little city gal into moving down here to the ranch. And even old dog knew the finality of those words she screamed about something freezing over first. In this blazing Texas sun there sure wasn’t any chance of anything freezing.

     The dog, the mare and the cowboy had been partnered up for many a year; but I guess there is no figuring human type people thought the old dog. Here under this summer sun his companion and master seemed to be set on destruction all because of a female.

     By now the cowboy had stripped his rig from the mare and was looking around for a place to drag up some shade. As old dog looked on, he leaned back on the corral fence and settled in to brood. You could hear dry thunder off in the distance, but his master was so deep in thought he knew day would pass right here where they both sat.

     What in the world is so important to these humans that a simple no will turn their lives upside down? Here we had the prime example, a happy-go-lucky cowboy consuming his self-inflicted ration of sadness all because of a snippet of a girl. To bad that old cowboy never learned to chase his tail, that sure would be more fun.

© 2001/2005/2010 ~ David L. Griffith

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