A Veteran's Plea

They fought on Land, and in the Air,
on Battleships far out at sea.
They went wherever they were sent,
to meet our nation's enemy.
They fought in many different wars,
some well before your time,
And millions of them lost their lives,
before they reached their prime.

On Veterans day we honor,
our brave heroic dead,
but what about the men who lived,
and made it home instead.
Many still carrying their battle scars,
yet trying hard to find some vestige of
the world they had to leave behind.

They are not seeking medals,
praise doesn't pay the bills,
they just want a job to go to,
a way to use their skills.
What better time than Veteran's Day,
to recognize their needs,
and show our willingness to help,
not just with words but deeds.

So, as we pause to honor our brave heroic dead,
let's pledge support not just to those who died, but
also to those who fought and made it home instead.

This page is dedicated to all the American Heroes, our Veterans, to all your friends and family.




"There is no cure for birth and death save to enjoy the interval."

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