The Magic Wagon

     It was in the summer of 1917 and mother was only eighteen; dad was an old man of nineteen at the time; when they encountered that old magic wagon. In those days transportation was centered on the horse and mule. Trains connected the major cities, but automobiles were still primarily found in the northeast.

     All the preceding winter and spring dad had courted mom on horse-back; he would ride from Abilene to Hamlin, borrow a surrey and take mom out to church or a picnic. But come summer they were married and left on their honeymoon …

     For a wedding present grandpa gave the happy couple a team of mules and an old wagon. And they packed up and followed the cotton from west Texas into Oklahoma in that old wagon. The day of motels was yet to come so it was “wagon yards” for the newly weds. You placed your mules in the coral and then slept in your wagon.

     The trip which began in early summer from Abilene, Taylor County, Texas ended in Durant, Bryan County, Oklahoma late that fall. Then the young couple climbed on the old St. Louis & San Francisco R.R. for a short ride to Ardmore, Carter County, Oklahoma; transferred to The Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe for the ride down to Fort Worth, Tarrant County, Texas. Here it was an easy ride straight west back to Abilene on the union Pacific R.R. the honeymoon complete...

     But late the following spring the world discovered the magic in that old wagon; for not only had lots of work been the summer and fall fare, but love blossomed there and Norman Brandt Griffith came into this world.

~ © 2002/2010 – David L. Griffith ~
For My Special Lady

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