I Will Wait Forever

     I will wait for you here behind my fortress walls in Texas forever, now that you've come along and have finally set my heart free from all the pains and torments of failed loves and empty promises. You have filled my emptiness with love's happy song anew.

     There were others in my tattered life before you who betrayed my love, as we are both aware, but I'm sure there will never be anyone after you. For there will never be another one that will ever mean so much to me, someone who shows she really cares.

     For years I sat in my dark and empty world; until you came along and gave my life a new loving melody and taught me once again to smile. And where my life had a sea of nightly tears and pain I now sleep in the arms of an angel from up above.

     I had waited here in my emptiness forever it seemed in my pain, without hope or prayer. Now that I have found you I can wait a little bit more before you rush into my world to stay. For your gentle heart and smiling eyes have rekindled my burnt out dreams.

~ © 2001 Dave Griffith ~

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