Warm Night

Alone On a Warm Night

          Here we sit; old dog and me, alone in the glow of the old Colman lantern, the hiss of the lantern and the crickets buzzing off in the dark the only sounds in my ears. The day’s warmth radiates back up from the earth into the night air. My arms ache from emptiness, my heart breaks from having lost your love…

          What part does all this seeming beauty after sunset play in the tragic drama of my life as it plays out in my memories? For it is only in those heart broken memories you still dwell. When you left you took no things of value, I can not cry for lost wealth; but I wish that with the slamming of that door you had taken all my memories…

          Where did the simple cowboy and his love go to? Now my world has been reduced to tear filled visions of the beauty around me, the unheard songs on my radio, the company of my dogs, and the ache of memories weighing heavy upon my heart. My life has turned from life and excitement to a simple Greek Tragedy…

          Oh dear God, was this always my destiny; to spend my final years alone on a warm night?

~ © 2002/2010 – David L. Griffith ~
For My Special Lady

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"There is no cure for birth and death save to enjoy the interval."

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