"Take Me Home" painting by Mike Mahon

The Hidden Way Home

     As the Cowboy drifts day by day thru the rapidly darkening canyon of his mind; his memories, like the rapids in the river which carved this canyon; constantly seeks old comfortable boundaries, paths of old flows, hidden eddy’ to rest and the never ending search for the hidden way home. But now time, the Majio, and pain have gathered to block and hide the old paths, it seems as if his wanderings are to be endless, alone, cold and lonely.

     As he pulls the collar of his old jacket up to warm his exposed neck from the cold morning air he can not help but drift back over the dreams of younger days; some nightmares, some dreams of pleasure and joy. Time brings memories of the cries of his first born son, the smile of his first grandchild. But time has also brought the pain of despair and loneliness, the empty bed, the abandoned love, the years alone after she left that last time….

     Far off the Cowboy hears the barking of that damn black dog, and takes comfort in the easy gait of the mare. Thinking, “if that dog gets into one more cat fight today, be damned if I don’t shoot the dog and let the big cat have his day.” But time also brings the lonely memories, the tears, and the vision of the road home. The canyon was taking it’s final toll...

     Oh for those old days of peace on the plains of Texas, to see the spring rains and the roundup, cutting calves, branding. Coming home to a hot apple pie and the love of a good woman and the laughter of kids around his knees. But time has brought the Black Majio, and the thief has stolen joy, health, youth and is now hiding the road home...

~ © 2003 David L. Griffith ~

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