Go put away the things that knew her touch,
and lay aside the clothes she used to wear.
Life has loved her long and overmuch,
now Death has laid his fingers on her hair.

She gave herself to life. With eager hands
she reached to take his overflowing cup;
nor knew that he had mixed the hemlock in,
and slyly smiled to see her drink it up.

Mourn not, to know that Death has won her now.
Grieve not, for he has calmed her foolish fears.
The laughter that so easy crossed her lips,
was but a mask she used to hide her tears.

Weep not, for now she lies at rest,
beyond the realm of any further harm.
She finally has found the peace she sought,
and sleeps now, in her Daddy’s loving arms.

(c) 1996 Patricia A. Kellemeyer

In loving memory of my grand-daughter Kellie Ann,
who died of cardiac arrest Feb. 12, 1996, at age 28.



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