The Cowboy's Dreams

My Dearest Darling,

     The tropical sun is warm against my face as I lean against the whitewashed wall and watch you pass on your way to the market square. The passions of my jealous heart rises as I think of the village men who will gaze upon you, those who will be struck by your beauty as I was, those with hidden desires for your pleasures.

     The swirl of your skirts around your delicate ankles, the flowers in your hair, the fall in your beautiful voice, the smile on your happy face... My heart races in my chest, my pride swells just in knowing you are mine. It is my bed in which you will lay tonight, my arms in which you will curl, my lips which you will kiss, my heart you will bless.

     I hear the guitars in the distance as I watch you leave, anticipating your return. The music makes me feel it's soothing cadence in my soul, feel my passions for you rise in my heart. I hunger for your return, for the feel of your warm breath on my cheeks, the caress of your hands, like the gentle yet purposeful fingers plucking and rippling on the strings, rising passions, rising tempo, rising fire... until a crescendo is reached.

     I am your possessor, yet I am your captive, I am your lover, yet I am your slave. You are the visions I see at the far horizons of my mind, you are the dreams I dream at night. I marvel that a tender loving God could bless me with all my soul desires in a woman. I fear that you will awake from the dream, that you will see me for what I am. That you will someday see the vision of you, which I hold in my eyes, and then awakening to your beauty, you will wonder why an angel loves a simple mortal man like me.

     But tonight I will again put the fears away as I see you return from the village, once again we will retreat behind our walled garden. The world will be blocked out, once again you will restore the passionate music within my soul....

~ Dave ~

Music for this page is "las manaitas" © by Octavio Alberto Augustin Aquino

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